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Gasoline-Resistant RTV Silicone Sealant, EXS-110

EXS-110 - Exonic Gasoline Resistant RTV Silicone

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In the automotive industry, adhesive sealants are used in a variety of ways. EXS-110, Exonic gasoline-resistant room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV) silicone is a superior fuel-resistant sealant. This gasoline-resistant sealant is typically used as an aftermarket adhesive sealant, in place of gaskets, for assembling and repairing field systems and tanks, or where gaskets or seals are necessary that do not conform to conditions or shapes that a regular gasket can withstand.

The fuel-proof sealant is a black paste that is set in eight minutes, tack-free in 20 minutes and fully cured in 72 hours. The oxime cure system is a one-part noncorrosive fuel-resistant RTV with a tensile strength of 300 PSI, elongation of 260% and peel strength of 40 PPI. This highly viscous fuel-resistant silicone paste has outstanding adhesion to non-primed surfaces, including metal, plastic and glass. EXS-110 is resistant to swelling effects from fuels, solvents and oils, as shown through only 25% swelling after seven days of submersion in gasoline at room temperature.

Features & Specifications

  • Item #: EXS-110
  • Description: Quick Cure Gasoline Resistant Silicone RTV
  • Parts: 1-Part
  • Consistency: Paste
  • Product Use: Sealant & Adhesive
  • Cure Type: Condensation
  • Cure System: Oxime - Neutral
  • Room Temperature Work Time (Mins): 8
  • Room Temperature Tack Free Time (Mins): 20
  • Room Temperature Cure Time (Hours): 72
  • Specific Gravity: 1.28
  • Dorometer: 38
  • Shore Scale: Shore A
  • Tensile Strength: 300
  • Elongation: 260
  • Tear PSI: 40
  • Operating Temps (C): -45 - 260ºC
  • Viscosity (cPs): 500000
  • Color: Black
  • Application: Gasoline resistant adhesive

Exonic Polymers EXS-110 is a gasoline resistant 1 part Oxime RTV Silicone adhesive. This product was specifically designed for applications requiring gasoline resistance for bonding and sealing applications where resistance to the swelling effects of fuels, solvents and oils is required.

  • Gasoline resistant silicone
  • Excellent unprimed adhesion to plastic, metal and glass
  • Exceptional fuel resistance
  • Non-corrosive oxime cure
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