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When your goal is to manufacture future-focused vehicles, there can be no compromise on the durability, performance, aesthetics, and safety of components. The integrity and performance of various automotive components -right from exterior or interior, battery packs, powertrain systems to onboard electronics -depend on the choice of automotive silicone sealers and adhesives.

At Exonic Polymers, our ongoing focus has been on developing a comprehensive range of top-notch silicone adhesives and sealants that meet the demanding standards of the automotive and transportation industry.

Hybrid electric, fuel cell, and electric vehicles

The automotive and transportation industries are rapidly evolving in terms of technology and developing innovative solutions to tackle environmental issues. Growing environmental consciousness and consumer awareness are essential reasons behind the popularity of alternate fuel vehicles. With zero to low carbon emissions and sustainable energy sources, these alternatives have emerged as viable solutions for the transportation industry.

Electric vehicles, hybrid electric (HEVs), and fuel cell vehicles (FEV) are also preferred for energy efficiency, cost savings, and smooth rides apart from being low on maintenance. With the demand for electric and hybrid electric vehicles growing exponentially, production is also doubling every year. By 2030, these alternate fuel vehicles are expected to account for over 15 percent of the world's cars.

The main challenge for hybrid electric and electric automakers lies in ensuring the electronic and electrical parts are safe, reliable, and efficient. Ensuring peak performance and durability of components involves tackling the challenges of harsh environments, safety, complex subsystem interactions, confined packaging requirements, fluctuating operating conditions, and power management concerns.

Silicone adhesives and sealants play a crucial role in the manufacturing of high-performance alternate fuel vehicles. Automotive silicone sealers and adhesives offer diverse solutions to ensure protection, integrity, and efficient assembly of sensitive and critical parts of new-generation vehicles.

At Exonic Polymers, we offer an extensive range of automotive silicone sealers, adhesives, encapsulating and potting sealants, form-in-place (FIP) liquid gaskets, and thermally conductive silicone adhesives and sealants. These products are tailored for the automotive and transportation industry to offer sustainable protection and solutions against a range of challenges, including

  • Vibration, noise, and shock
  • Harsh environments
  • salt spray
  • salt fog
  • thermal aging
  • thermal cycling
  • heat shock
  • electromagnetic (EMI) interference
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Exonic Thermally Conductive Adhesive - Electronic Components Exonic Thermally Conductive Adhesive

Our thermally conductive silicone RTV transfer adhesive rubber developed for heat sink applications.

Starting at: $29.01

Exonic Polymers automotive silicone sealers and adhesives tailored for hybrid electric, electric, and fuel cell vehicles

At Exonic Polymers, we are constantly improving on existing products while innovating our silicone product offerings. Our longstanding experience in R &D of silicone adhesives and sealants for various applications, including electronic, aerospace, automotive, public transport, and commercial vehicles, gives us a competitive edge.

Our technologically advanced automotive silicone sealant and adhesive formulations have been developed specifically to help new generation vehicles optimize component longevity, performance while meeting fuel economy standards and saving on maintenance expenses.

We have a wide range of cost-effective silicone sealants and adhesives designed to offer these benefits to the OEM and the automotive/transportation industry:

  • Superior resistance to oxidation, moisture, shock, and chemicals
  • Outstanding electrical integrity,
  • Excellent electrical insulation,
  • Enhanced electronic performance
  • Flow, adhesion, wetting properties
  • Reliable performance even under harsh conditions
  • Fast curing properties to speed up the processing
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Optimum operating temperature range
  • Joining/bonding components and shielding them against the impact of shock and vibration
  • Isolating components from vibration and shock and providing a pathway for diverting heat away from modules and cell
  • Thermally conductive adhesives and sealants to cool the electric modules and battery cells
  • Electrically isolating components to minimize/eliminate risks of shorts and fire
  • Ensure EMI free performance
  • Eliminating vibration, noise, and harshness
  • Offer mechanical support
  • Optimize durability of components

Thermally conductive silicone sealants and adhesives: Apart from fast cure and reliable adhesion, our extensive range of thermally conductive silicone sealants and adhesives offer precise solutions. With excellent dielectric properties, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal resistance, these products are ideal for hybrid electric and electric vehicles.

For instance, Exonic Rubberized Thermally Conductive Silicone Coating is formulated to provide strong adhesion to composite and metal substrates. With fast room temperature curing, exceptional abrasion resistance, and thermal conductivity, the silicone product is widely used in automotive and specialty assembly heat transfer, component heat dissipation, and solar unit fabrication.

Our form-in-place (FIP) silicone offers predictable adhesion and excellent protection against moisture penetration while preventing air leakage. These properties make them the ideal choice for fuel cell stacking in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Silicone products for automotive electronics

Efficient, high-performing, and durable onboard electronics are an integral part of the transportation and automotive industry. Apart from enriching end-user experience and convenience, electronic systems and components, including intelligent sensors, PCBs (printed board circuits), CPUs (central processing units), and actuators, are designed to optimize safety on the road.

These sensitive components need maximum protection against extreme temperatures, chemicals, dust, moisture, vibrations, and noise.

Exonic Polymers has an ongoing focus on developing niche silicone products that optimize the performance of onboard electronics. We have an in-depth understanding of the main concerns of OEM in the industry relating to improving the reliability of the component systems, reducing component weight, optimizing thermal dissipation, and simplifying modules.

Thousands of OEM rely on our encapsulation and potting silicone sealants and advanced silicone pastes and gels for safe insulation and bonding. Our silicone products are renowned for their:

  • Excellent moisture and chemical resistance
  • Durability
  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Protection against overheating
  • Protection against damage from exposure to corrosive chemicals, dust, moisture, vibrations, and shock

Our comprehensive range of products is the perfect choice for protecting onboard electronic components and systems from vibration dampening liquid gap fillers to RTV potting and encapsulating silicone adhesives and sealants.

Vibration-dampening silicone gap fillers

Our silicone products offer strong underfill adhesion and are rich in beneficial features. These include room temperature flowability and effective filling of bottom-side component spaces. The liquid gap filling silicone products offer excellent vibration dampening and thermal performance.

Thermally Conductive Vibration-Dampening Liquid Silicone Gap Filler, 1.0 W/mK , is a 2-part thermally conductive RTV silicone adhesive available as a 1:1 mixed system. The liquid paste is platinum cured with a room temperature cure time of 60 minutes. The high tensile strength, chemical stability, and thermal conductivity make it an ideal coupling agent for electronic components that require thermal dissipation. The product is extensively used in electronic applications, including form-in-place heat sinks, coupling of electronic components, thermal dissipation of electronic components, and electronic components mounted on PCBs.

Potting and encapsulating silicone sealants

Our exclusive range of potting sealants and encapsulating silicone is formulated for optimizing the protection and performance of electronic components in the automotive industry. Our product portfolio includes silicone gels, clear silicone encapsulants, low viscosity sealants, thermally conductive RTV potting sealants, and encapsulants and general use encapsulation silicone adhesives.

While meeting the stringent standards related to onboard electronic systems in the transportation and automotive industry, our silicone sealants offer:

  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • superior adhesive strength
  • outstanding chemical resistance
  • quick curing ability
  • optimum protection against corrosion
  • top-notch crack resistance
  • long-lasting comprehensive environmental protection

Our advanced encapsulation silicone products maximize the protection of electronic and microelectronic components, including:

  • Sensors
  • Motors
  • Connectors
  • Switches
  • Electronic modules
  • Power supplies
  • Transformers and capacitors
  • Rectifiers
  • Ignition coils
  • Cable harness assemblies

Exonic Polymer's range of potting and encapsulating silicone products are available as adhesives, gels, encapsulating coating, fast curing deep-section paste, self-leveling fast cure liquid sealant, and RTV sealant.

If you are looking for optimal protection from vibration and shock, Exonic 2-Part Vibration and Shock Dampening Coating is a great choice. The automotive and transportation industry's OEM rely on the product for superior vibration isolation, severe impact cushioning, and dampening of extreme shock. Exonic 2-Part Heat Cured Encapsulating Coating is a high-strength RTV silicone adhesive formulated for silicone gasket fabrication and rubber parts.

RTV silicone sealants offer a multitude of benefits in automotive manufacturing that include:

  • enhanced integrity of the build
  • outstanding protection from vibration factors
  • optimum thermal dissipation
  • Elastomeric mechanical support for significant leaded components/capacitors
  • Superior protection of PCBs
  • Eliminates the need for screws or pre-cut gaskets in assembly

The other electronic-grade silicone sealants and adhesives include:

  • Encapsulants and Glob Top – Specially formulated Glob top silicone sealants shield chip-on-board components from heat, environmental stresses, contamination, and mechanical vibration.
  • Conformal Coatings – Exonic Polymers conformal coatings are designed to enhance the life span of electronic application by protecting it from adverse environmental conditions.
  • Surface Mount Adhesives – These adhesives are the perfect choice for a high-volume, high-speed production process that provides high-throughput and maximum process flexibility.
  • Gasketing -These silicone products offer an instant, low-pressure seal on the electronic assembly while eliminating corrosion.

Exonic High-Temperature Gasket Dressing Gel is the preferred choice for gearbox assemblies, transmission pans, and oil pans.

Environmentally sustainable compounds that reduce costs and increase production efficiency are available for automotive interior applications. Our structural bonding, sealing, and gasketing compounds are used to improve comfort, convenience, functionality, and safety. They strengthen assemblies, join lightweight material and enhance aesthetics to give car manufacturers a competitive advantage.

Silicone adhesives and sealants for automotive interiors and exteriors

At Exonic Polymers, our extensive hands-on experience in the research and development of silicone products has helped us design high-quality silicone adhesives for automotive interior and exterior applications.

We are keenly aware of the challenges of vehicle interior that include safety, comfort, durability, and lightweight materials. We have a diverse range of top-notch silicone adhesives and sealants for door panels, dashboards, instrument panels, headliners, acoustical materials, trunk trim as well as weatherstripping. Our silicone adhesives for the automotive industry ensure reliable and efficient manufacturing processes while highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.

We have a diverse range of high-performance, cost-effective and sustainable bonding solutions tailored for automotive exterior applications. Our extensive portfolio of one and two-part silicone systems are explicitly designed to protect automotive exterior components.

Our automotive silicone adhesives and coatings withstand continuous exposure to UV light and heat while absorbing noise, resisting scratches, and dampening vibration. Exonic Polymers silicone sealants provide superior adhesion to a wide range of materials, including plastic, metal, glass, composite, and rubber substrates.

We have focused on ensuring our automotive silicone sealers and adhesives are quick, easy to dispense, and fast-curing. A perfect choice for component bonding and gasket fabrication is the EX3-120 - Extremely Fast Cure Thermally Conductive Deep Section Paste Silicone Adhesive .

The two-part, platinum cured RTV silicone adhesive sealant offers outstanding protection against UV, ozone, moisture, weathering, and high temperatures apart from possessing excellent thermal conductivity. The product can bond plastic, metal, and glass parts to achieve perfect conformation and adhesion.

In addition to optimum adherence to thin sheet metals and metal panels, our automotive silicone sealants provide rich benefits such as

  • weight savings
  • durability of components
  • enhanced sound dampening
  • improved fuel efficiency,
  • optimum driver visibility and ease of handling
  • cost savings

Specialized liquid silicone and gasketing compounds offer superior resistance to UV and oils, fuels, automotive fluids, and ozone. Both automatic and manual dispensers make the process of dispensing the adhesives and sealants hassle-free.

Exonic polymers liquid silicone adhesives are designed to meet specific and rigorous standards and requirements in automotive manufacturing, processing, and handling.

Our products are the preferred bonding solutions for automotive exterior components, including grilles, spoilers, decals, emblems, door handles, mirrors, window frames, speaker attachments, antennas, and other minute parts. From rubber, plastic, glass to metals, our automotive silicone sealers are the perfect products to bond and seal all types of substrates.

When hard-to-adhere plastics are used in exterior or interior applications, Exonic Polymers' Plastic-to-Plastic Bonding RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant, EX3-124 , is a great choice. The automotive silicone adhesive is designed for the adhesion of low-surface tension plastics. This one-part RTV plastic bonding sealant is an oxime curing paste. With a room-temperature work time of 8 minutes and fast curing, the noncorrosive and waterproof automotive silicone sealant resists ozone, moisture, weathering, high temperatures, and UV light.

Specific formulas of automotive silicone sealers bond to thin metal sheets to help achieve the industry's lightweight objectives.

High-Temperature Oil-Resistant Silicone Sealant/Adhesive, EX3-109 is a specialized high-temperature automotive silicone sealant that the industry relies on. Available as a black paste, the high-temperature silicone adhesive is sensor safe while featuring a noncorrosive oxime cure system.

The sealant sets in just 8 minutes while is tack-free in 14 minutes.

Apart from being resistant to high temperatures, the EX3-109 is also oil resistant and can bond through oil. Besides superior adhesion and sealing, this formulation protects components against weathering, ozone, UV, and moisture. The product performs in extreme temperature ranges between -54°C and –260°C, making it the top choice for the automotive industry.

This product is interchangeable for OEM parts manufactured by Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Typical applications include the adhesion of valve covers, timing covers, oil pans, and form-in-place gaskets.

EX3-137 Exonic Torque Resistant RTV Silicone Adhesive is another tailored formulation from Exonic Polymers: corrosion, oil, and torque resistance. Outstanding adhesion is offered for oil pans, valve covers, timing covers, automotive assembly, MRO, or heavy-duty applications.

Specific grades of automotive silicone adhesive and sealants are engineered to align with different coefficients of expansion and contraction, enhance sound damping—high volume assembly. The fast-curing sealants boost cycling speed to match the demands of high-volume assembly.

Exonic Fast Cure - Fast Adhesion Onset Silicone RTV Adhesive is ideal for applications that require fast setup and bonding to different substrates. When used as an automotive silicone adhesive, the RTV silicone offers unprimed adhesion to plastics, metals, glass, wood, rubber, composites, and epoxies.

These specialized adhesives and sealants can be applied in the most confined areas to protect the interior and exterior components from wear, wind, rain, heat, and thermal cycling.

Our one-part and two-component silicone adhesives and sealants are the preferred products for

  • Seating
  • Door panels
  • Interior display systems
  • Consoles
  • Actuators and sensors
  • Airbag sealing
  • Overhead systems
  • Headliners

Our exclusive collection of automotive exterior and interior silicone coatings is sought after for their transparency, flexibility, and unparalleled resistance to chemical, thermal, and abrasion resistance. A popular RTV sealant is the EX3-111 - Exonic Deep Section Liquid Adhesive Silicone Sealant , a platinum-cured 2-part automotive silicone sealant. It is formulated to reach the deep section to offer extensive adhesion. Typical applications include coatings application, deep section cure adhesion, and encapsulating adhesion.

As opposed to pasting consistency adhesives, many applications require liquid, self-leveling adhesives. These sealants flow into minute hard-to-reach places and crevices. A product that meets your requirements for strong adhesion while being self-leveling is the Exonic 1-Part Self-Leveling Acetoxy Cure - RTV 118 . The one-part silicone RTV is specially formulated for coating applications. While offering excellent unprimed adhesion to many metals and plastics, the RTV adhesive is one of the most flexible and durable silicone adhesive coatings on the market. The elastomer protects components against weathering, ozone, moisture, UV, and high temperatures.

Noise and vibration dampening

Component vibrations and engine noise severely impact the lifespan and safety of components while negatively affecting user experience. Exonic Polymer's exclusive range of silicone adhesive coating products is an excellent way of reducing harshness, vibration, and noise in addition to protecting components.

Get in touch with us for tailored automotive sealant solutions

With decades of experience in designing and developing an extensive range of silicone adhesives and sealants, Exonic Polymers is uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions for the automotive and transportation industry.

We focus on empowering our customers in the automotive and transportation industry to achieve outstanding performance while retaining aesthetic properties. Our comprehensive range of automotive silicone sealers and adhesives meets the stringent demands of onboard electronics, interior, and exterior sealing systems, electric vehicles, and powertrains.

Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members for customized product suggestions aligned with your requirements.