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Silicone Optical Solutions

Exonic Polymers optical solutions are designed to meet the demands of a wide range of applications. Silicone is ideal for display and Lighting / LED applications because it offers long-term stability, flexibility, high heat tolerance, and strong resistance to nature. Our solutions include the following capabilities: bonding, sealing, encapsulating, protection, insulation, improved manufacturing process, and cost reduction.
Our optical silicone products line include sealants, adhesives, encapsulating, and gels. These products offer superior protection from thermal stress, shock, vibrations, natural elements and provide excellent optical clarity. They also provide minimal yellowing and degradation while maintaining consistent light quality over the product lifespan and ensuring reliable performance from LED modules in harsh conditions.

Display & Lighting / LED Applications

Some of the largest OEM companies utilize our optical gel as a liquid coupling in their display applications. Optical gels are used to seal and protect electronics. Silicone offers excellent stress-relieving capability, a high refractive index, and long-term stability of properties.

Other industries utilizing our Optical Silicones include:

  • Displays: protection from stress and providing vibration damping to produce reliable long-term performance.
  • Lighting / LED: helping to seal against environmental elements and impacts to ensure lighting and LED products' integrity.
  • Automotive: bonding, sealing, and gaskets; protecting critical electronic systems

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Exonic Conformal Coating Exonic Self-Leveling Conformal Coating

Designed as a 1-part clear silicone RTV developed for conformal coating applications. This product offers unprimed adhesion to many metals and plastics. EXS-231 combines high flexibility with a neutral oxime cure system to provide a durable silicone adhesive coating.

Starting at: $20.74
Exonic Non-Curing Optical Coupling Gel - V-788 Offset Exonic Non-Curing Optical Coupling Gel

Non-curing optical coupling gel developed to eliminate losses in fiber optic cable splices. As an optical couplant, it is transparent and offers high clarity and transmission.

Starting at: $50.40

Optical, Lighting, LED, & Display Industry

Optical and lighting applications require adhesives that offer minimum obstruction. They also need to be resistant to heat and other factors that may degrade the adhesive quality over time. Silicone is just the perfect material for optical coupling gels and lighting adhesives.

Exonic Polymers offers the best lighting silicone adhesives and optical coupling gels in the industry. Our silicone adhesives are ideal for optical, lighting, and display applications because of the unmatched stability, flexibility, and heat tolerance that they offer.

Exonic Polymers has a wide range of lighting silicone adhesives and thermally conductive adhesives for LEDs used in various structural applications.

Why use special silicone adhesives for optical, lighting, and display applications

High-quality lighting silicone adhesives and optical coupling gels offer exceptional mechanical properties. Lighting equipment, display equipment, and LEDs are sensitive and need to be protected from damaging environmental factors. Silicon adhesives are tough enough to protect such devices from damage. Silicone is known to be durable, resistant to impacts and chemical reactions. Silicone adhesives have dielectric insulating properties and can be thermally conducting at the same time.

All of these properties make silicone a perfect choice for lighting and optical use.

Exonic Polymers offers a range of high-quality silicon adhesive solutions

Exonic Polymers has catered to some of the largest OEM companies with lighting and display adhesive solutions. Our silicone products for optical applications include sealants, adhesives, encapsulating, and gels. Exonic Ploymers' silicone adhesives and sealants offer excellent protection against thermal stresses, mechanical shock, and vibrations.

Our silicone sealants and LED structural adhesives offer superior weather-proofing, preventing the seepage of water, moisture, or gases that are likely to damage the components.

Another major concern with optical and lighting adhesives is their clarity over time. Exonic Polymers' range of optical coupling gels and adhesives is guaranteed to provide superb optical clarity. Our LED structural adhesives and lighting silicone products offer excellent transparency.

Many cheap and low-quality gels and adhesives provide clarity at first, but they lose their optical properties with time. This affects the aesthetics of lighting and becomes an obstruction, and reduces the brightness of the lights and LEDs. Exonic Polymers' silicone products are non-yellowing and retain their clarity for years on end.

Here's what Exonic Polymers guarantees with its silicone gels, encapsulating, and adhesives.

  • Weather resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Excellent optical transmission
  • Hard setting
  • Low shrinkage
  • Shock and vibration resistance

If you are looking for optical adhesive and sealant options, you could not find a better solution than Exonic Polymers.


Exonic Polymers has been helping OEM companies and many small and medium industries with its optical silicone products. Some of the typical applications where our silicone gels and adhesives can help are –

LED Protection and Assembly applications

Exonic Polymers has a wide array of silicone products for use in LED assembly and protection applications. These products are suitable for all kinds of projects, including industrial, commercial, and residential constructions. LED assembly and protection mostly requires four types of silicone products –

  • Gels
  • Adhesives
  • Encapsulating
  • Conformal coating

These products can be used in every application that LEDs are subjected to, including automotive lighting, backlighting for displays, and other consumer products like cameras, torches, and more.

Exonic Ploymers' silicone LED structural adhesives deliver optical clarity, stability, and light transmittance paramount in LED applications. LEDs themselves are preferred for many big and small uses today due to their high brightness, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

In such a case, using the wrong adhesives or sealants can reduce both the performance and the life of an LED. Exonic Polymers ensures that our LED assembly and protection products do not dampen the LEDs' performance at any cost. Our highly durable and non-yellowing thermal conductive adhesives for LEDs add to the reliability of the end product.

Our LED assembly products line up includes –

  • Sealants
  • Adhesives
  • Encapsulants
  • Gels
  • Conformal coatings

Adhesives and sealants for LEDs

Adhesives are the silicone-based products we offer for applications where LEDs are required to be held firmly together with other surfaces. Exonic Polymers has a wide range of silicone and thermally conductive adhesives on offer. From our Fast-Setting Neutral-Cure Silicone adhesives to the Exonic Thermally Conductive Adhesive, there are a variety of options for different purposes.

Sealants are materials used to fill a joint or a gap in a structure to seal it against leakage and seepage. It prevents liquids or gases from entering the gap. This is an essential material in electronic manufacturing and assembly, including LEDs. Exonic Polymers also has a line of high-quality sealants, from the Thermally Conductive Vibration-Dampening Liquid Silicone Gap Filler to the Exonic Electrically Insulating - Sealing Silicone Lubricant and more.

Our non-corrosive silicone adhesives and sealants can be used for all electronic adhering, bonding, and sealing applications. The most commonly seen use of our premium quality LED structural adhesives and sealants are in –

  • Automotive LED lighting
  • Architectural LED lighting
  • LED projectors
  • Outdoor LED display panels in stadiums, commercial establishments, billboards, etc.
  • Traffic lights and more

The silicone and thermally conductive adhesives for LED by Exonic Polymers offer the following benefits –

  • High bond strength
  • Excellent adhesion to various surfaces, including glass, plastics, wood, and more
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Minimum stress
  • Resistance to elevated temperatures
  • Non-yellowing properties
  • Fast curing

Encapsulants and gels for LEDs

LED encapsulation is a very crucial step in both LED assembly and packaging. Silicone encapsulating and gels are used to protect the LED chip from outdoor environments. Many manufacturers earlier used epoxy as an encapsulating material for LEDs. With the increasing popularity of silicone encapsulation, epoxy is gradually becoming obsolete. Silicone has several advantages over epoxy as an encapsulant. Silicone can be formulated to offer different hardness levels categorized into gel, elastic, and hard types.

In most optoelectronic applications such as LEDs, the elastic type is used for its high flexibility. Silicone also has higher thermal and UV stability as compared to epoxy, which is essential for the new-age LED products. Silicone undergoes no degradation from exposure to sunlight, high temperatures, or LED's emissions. It helps maintain the performance of high brightness LEDs for years without any deterioration in intensity.

Exonic Polymers offers various silicone encapsulating products meant for applications that require a tough, clear, and durable coating. We have the Exonic 2-Part Low Durometer Heat Cured Encapsulating Coating that is a heat curing, high-strength silicone RTV adhesive for applications needing a rugged, low durometer silicone rubber product.

We also have the Exonic 2-Part Vibration and Shock Dampening Coating, a fast-curing rubber coating meant for shock proofing and vibration isolation purposes. The 2-part silicone ensures super-fast curing and allows the equipment to be ready for handling within minutes. Apart from these, there is a range of other encapsulation and gel products for various industrial and end-user applications.

Our encapsulants and gels' typical applications are in outdoor LED panels, traffic lights, etc., where the exposure to moisture, gases, and environmental stress is high. Our high-quality encapsulants and gels provide –

  • High transmittance across all wavelengths for LEDs
  • Excellent stress relief
  • Protection against UV light
  • High transparency
  • Crack resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Thermal management properties

Conformal coatings for LEDs

Conformal coatings are another form of protection for LED circuits. Conformal coatings are used to extend the life of LEDs by protecting them from adverse environmental conditions like humidity and UV light. They prevent corrosion and leakage in high humidity or salty environments. Conformal coatings are usually applied in very thin layers to minimize any shifts in the color temperature of the LED. Conformal coatings, like all other silicone products used with LEDs, should provide clarity and stability to ensure that the light's intensity is not disturbed.

Conformal coatings are primarily required in environments where exposure to pollutants like SO2 is higher. They should also be thermally conductive as it is essential to remove heat from high-power LEDs to maintain their performance and protect them during extended durations of use. Good quality conformal coatings should be –

  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Resistant to moisture and selected chemicals
  • Highly transmissive
  • Light and thin
  • Thermally conductive
  • UV resistant

The right kind of conformal coating can significantly increase the life of an LED. Exonic Polymers has an extensive range of silicone coatings for various applications. The Exonic Conformal Coating - DC 3-1753 is a perfect protective coating for rigid and flexible circuit boards. This fast-curing, self-priming, one-part coating turns into a flexible, transparent elastomer when cured. It is best suited for electronic printed wiring boards, especially those that employ sensitive components.

The Exonic Self-Leveling Conformal Coating is a one-part clear silicone RTV meant for conformal coating uses. It offers unprimed adhesion to various surfaces, including metals and plastics. This product combines high flexibility and a neutral oxime cure system to create a durable silicone adhesive coating.

Apart from these, there are several other conformal coating products to choose from depending on the application type. Our conformal coating products are used in –

  • Automotive LED lighting
  • LED street lighting
  • Traffic lights
  • Outdoor visual displays, etc.

Optical coupling gels in fiber optics

Apart from LEDs, silicone products are also extensively used in other optical applications such as fiber optics. Optical coupling gels are widely used in fiber-optic cables to hold together different materials without creating a barrier to transmitting light signals through the line. High-quality optical coupling gels can minimize the refraction of light by matching the refractive index of the bonding materials. Optical coupling gels can form solid mechanical bonds between the rigid mating parts.

Coupling gels are also elastic, allowing them to withstand a considerable amount of differential thermal expansion usually seen in composite materials such as fiber optic cables. They do not subject the materials to excessive stresses and also protect them from delamination. Optical coupling gels can help eliminate the fiber optic cable splices' losses due to their high clarity and transmissivity.

Optical coupling gels can be used for several different applications in fiber optics, including –

  • Sealing of optical fibers into ferrules
  • Potting of optical fiber bundles
  • Bonding the optical fibers into bundles
  • Forming splices
  • For field repairs and more

Good optical coupling gels should have the following properties –

  • Excellent optical transmission
  • Low shrinkage
  • Higher glass transition temperatures
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Resistance to high temperatures and humidity
  • UV resistance

Exonic Polymers offers all of these properties and more in its range of optical coupling gels. The Exonic Non-Curing Optical Coupling Gel is designed to minimize losses in fiber optic and electro-optical assemblies owing to its high clarity and transparency. The ultraclean optical coupling gel from Exonic is free of any light-absorbing particulates, giving high transmissivity and no distortions. This optical coupling gel is chemically stable, has a wide temperature range, and is non-toxic, making it safe for the environment.

Exonic Polymers' silicone optical coupling gel is guaranteed to increase fiber optic cables' life and maintain their performance over the years. Our optical coupling gels find application in –

  • Optoelectronics
  • Fiber optics
  • Optics
  • Light sensing instruments
  • Medical equipment
  • Lens assemblies, etc.

Thermally conductive materials for LED and lighting applications

Thermally conductive materials are among the most critical interfaces in any lighting application, particularly in applications like high-power LEDs. Materials with high thermal conductivity are capable of dissipating heat better. Thermally conductive materials as adhesives or sealing agents are an essential part of LED circuits. They can form a conductive surface between the LED chip and the cooling system. Without a thermally conductive interface between these two components, the gap between them is filled with air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, which means that the heat is retained around the LED chip. This heat can be damaging for the LED and reduce its performance over prolonged use.

High power LEDs require effective heat management. To extend the life of an LED, maintain its performance over time and reduce the operating costs, it has to be held at a temperature below 1200C.

Thermally conductive materials can help overcome several problems related to heat dissipation, affecting an LED's performance and lifespan.

LED lifespan

Without proper heat dissipation, the life of an LED module may be shortened. High junction temperatures degrade an LED's useful life, color output, and intensity. A good thermally conductive material used with the LED can increase the useful life of the module.

Color shift

LEDs without proper heat management tend to change color temperature. The high junction temperatures cause a shift in the LED's color towards the higher end of the light spectrum. So, white lights that ideally emit blue wavelengths may shift to red wavelengths due to overheating. Thermally conductive adhesives and sealants for LEDs can take care of this problem as well.

LED performance

These factors contribute to the degradation of the performance of LEDs that are not heat managed from the beginning. Using a high-quality thermally conductive material to draw the heat away from the LED chip can drastically improve its performance and energy efficiency.

This is where our thermal conductive adhesives for LED applications come into use. The Exonic Thermally Conductive Adhesive is a thermally conductive silicone RTV transfer adhesive rubber designed for heat sink applications in LED and other lighting solutions.

The Exonic Thermal Joint Sealant is a high-temperature sealing compound meant for effectively filling the gaps between heat sinks and substrates. We also have the EX3-119 - Fast Cure Thermally Conductive Deep Section Paste Silicone Adhesive. This product is a 2-part, Platinum cure adhesive sealant that offers excellent thermal conductivity. The elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV, and high temperatures once it is cured.

Exonic Polymers solutions for every industry

Your business and the industry you operate in have their unique requirements and demands. Be it the fast-growing automotive industry or the rapidly evolving electronics sector, the need for high-quality, reliable materials is common to all. Exonic Polymers understands the critical role that materials play in the quality of your end products. This is what challenges us to innovate and come up with new, cutting-edge developments in polymer technology.

Our high-grade silicone adhesives and sealants have been setting new standards in different industries, including automotive, transportation, HVAC, building and construction, electronics, and others. Exonic Polymers brings industry-specific expertise to its silicone products with the same commitment of quality across its entire range of products.

Exonic Polymers strives to add more value for companies through its standard, custom, and reengineered products. Our growing portfolio of silicone products aims to meet the new demands that companies are faced with in their path to new developments.