Exonic Polymers is a leading extruder of custom Neoprene (SBR) rubber profiles. Neoprene Rubber is a synthetic rubber elastomer. It exhibits outstanding water resilience, pill-resistant, abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to metal. Neoprene rubber is often used for applications in environments with moderate chemicals and wet or dry organic acids.

Neoprene (SBR) Rubber Advantages & Benefits

  • Outstanding physical toughness
  • Resistance to heat and hydrocarbon oils
  • Outstanding resistance to damage caused by twisting and flexing
  • Better flame retardant/self-extinguishing characteristics than exclusively hydrocarbon-based elastomers
  • Wider short and long-term operating temperature range than other general-purpose hydrocarbon elastomers
  • Resistance to the degradation effects of sun, ozone and weather

Neoprene (SBR) Rubber Properties

Common Name: SBR, Buna-S, GRS

ASTM D2000 Classification: AA,BA - Military (MIL-STD 417: RS)

Chemical Definition: Styrene Butadiene

Specific Gravity: 1.23

Temperature Range

Low Temperature Usage: -10° to -50° F

High Temperature Usage: Up to 225° F

Tensile Strength

Tensile Range: 500-3000 P.S.I. - Very Good

Elongation: 600% Maximum - Good

Durometer (Hardness)

Range: 40-95 Shore A

Resilience/ Rebound: Very Good

Abrasion Resistance: Good - Excellent

Tear Resistance: Fair - Good

Compression Set: Fair - Good

Additional Properties

Aging Weather: Very Good

Adhesion to Metals: Excellent

Solvent Resistance: Poor

Oil Resistance: Poor

Heat Resistance: Fair - Good

Flame Resistance: Good

Common Neoprene (SBR) Applications


  • Conveyer belts
  • Neoprene industrial hose
  • Neoprene O rings
  • Neoprene Diaphragms
  • Grommets and vibration mounds

Wire & Cabling

  • Cable jackets
  • Jacketing in lead press cured mining cables
  • Jacketing in heavy-duty cables


  • Neoprene window seals
  • Custom window gaskets
  • Highway and bridge seals
  • Bridge bearing pads
  • Neoprene washers
  • Bridge stay-cable anchor components
  • Deviator pads
  • Neoprene O Ring
  • Elevator astragals