About Exonic Polymers

What We Do?

We manufacture and distribute silicone products.

Exonic Polymers strives to provide a complete solution to our customers through diverse manufacturing capabilities, strong partnerships, and high level product expertise. We work with customers in almost every industry and provide companies and their engineering teams with an extensive range of products and solutions.

We create Value through our Specialty Products

Providing companies with a solution is at the core of Exonic Polymers. Our teams of chemists, engineers, and experienced salesmen are ready to deliver a solution for your unique applications. We have developed custom color matched products, reengineered products to meet new specs, and developed entirely new products. These are a few highlights of the solutions our team of experts have produced. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to take on the toughest of challenges.

We have a constant growing stock of Standard Products

Our growing catalog of specialty silicone products is one way we strive to serve our customers better. We are continually working to build our catalog of products to enhance our ability to serve our customers better. All to ensure your experience with Exonic Polymers is that much easier.

What Guides Us?

Excellence in our Customers experience

Exonic Polymer's fundamental guiding principle is focused on delivering an exceptional experience to our customers. That is why our company wide motto is to “Provide Excellence throughout our Customer's Experience.” Whether iris understanding our customer’s products &strategies, working to solve issues, help develop solutions, or providing an above and beyond experience in the day-to-day business interactions.

Quality products Delivered on time

Exonic Polymers strives to deliver quality to all of our customers. We have established two key operation goals that drive us in our ability to serve our customers through our operations

  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Deliver zero product defects