Rubber and Plastic Sealing & Adhesion Products

Exonic Polymers is your solution source for Extruded, Die-Cut, Molded, Adhesion & Sealant products. We focus on providing a complete solution to our customers through the combination of our diverse manufacturing capabilities and our experienced engineering team. Exonic Polymers has years of experience in offering solutions to many key industries including Building Materials, Automotive, Personal Recreational Vehicle, Transportation, HVAC, Electronics, and other Original Equipment Manufacturers. 

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Exonic Rubber & Plastic Extrusions

Rubber & Plastic Extrusion Products

Exonic Silicone Sealants & Adhesives

Silicone Sealants & Adhesives Products

Exonic Converting & Die-Cutting

Converting & Die-Cut Products

Rubber & Plastic Molded & O-Rings Products

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Exonic Personal Recreation Vehicles Industry

Recreation Vehicles

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Building Materials

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Heavy Equipment

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Exonic EPDM Rubber Material

EPDM Rubber

Exonic Silicone Rubber Materials


Exonic Nitrile Rubber Material

Niltrile (NBR) Rubber

Exonic Neoprene (CR) Rubber Material

Neoprene (CR) Rubber

Exonic TPE Plastic Material

TPE Plastic

Exonic TPU Plastic Material

TPU Plastic

Exonic TPR Plastic Material

TPR Plastic

Exonic TPO Plastic Material

TPO Plastic

Exonic PVC Plastic Material

PVC Plastic

Exonic Polypropylene Plastic Material

Low & High Density Polypropylene Plastic

Exonic Polyethylene Plastic Material

Polyethylene Plastic

Exonic Alcyrn Plastic Material

Nylon Plastic