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Exonic Silicone Fire Barrier - 2001 Offset Exonic Silicone Fire Barrier

Developed as a silicone RTV foam sealant was designed to seal large and/or complex penetrations such as cable bundles, trays, and conduit bundles and multiple pipe runs while sealing out fire, smoke and noxious gases. A dispensing gun is required for the dual syringes of this fire barrier foam. If you need a fire resistant coating that does not require a dispensing gun.

Starting at: $16.56

2-part (2-Component) Silicone Systems

Two-part silicone's are created through the mixing of 2 components. Component 1 is a rubber base compound that is mixed with component 2 that is a curing agent. A more in depth look at each component shows that Component 1 is made up of a polymer and sometimes additional fillers and additives, while component 2 contains chemical crosslinkers and catalyst. When component 1 and 2 are mixed, the mixture immediately starts curing to form the silicone into its final form.

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